GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer and extension found in code editors such as Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, and Vim. In this session, Rizèl will share you can use GitHub Copilot to level up your engineering career at any stage!

00:00 Livestream begins
00:39 Welcome to the VS Code Livestream
03:48 Throwback TikTok Thursday
05:23 Welcome Rizel Scarlett
06:22 On today’s show
06:50 Intro to Copilot
15:11 Movie to Emoji demo
18:17 Mood to Color demo
22:17 Predictive Code
22:38 View More Suggestions
23:20 Copilot Labs Translation
23:48 Copilot Labs Explanation
24:28 Where to download
24:47 Failsafe/filter
25:15 What is public code?
26:13 How to use these features to level up
27:05 Tips for coding faster and cleaner
37:57 Q&A
42:38 Tweeting with Copilot
59:42 Ligntning round
01:01:55 Wrap

Community Links:
GitHub Copilot https://aka.ms/GitHubCoPilot/8things
GitHub for students https://education.github.com/

Featuring: Burke Holland (@burkeholland), Rizèl Scarlett (@blackgirlbytes)


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