Recently I think that I have been making too many videos of me picking locks and not enough of me actually doing tutorials and stuff. Let’s put that right with a two part beginners guide to Dimple Locks: part one will look at the mechanism of basic dimple locks and how to pick them and part 2 will look at dimple lock rakes and how to use them. Enjoy!

Remember: only pick locks that are yours and that are not in use!

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25 thoughts on “(070) Beginners Guide to Dimple Locks and Dimple Lock Picking”
  1. Are these transparent practice locks any good? The reviews of those on Amazon have very mixed reviews, mainly that they don't lock, or are far to easy to open. Is there any particular brand to look for?

  2. Nice introduction. Thank you. I recently read a review that those screw type interchangeable picks actually untwist and release the pick when turning the pick inside the lock in one direction. Are they bad enough to stay away from?

  3. Thank you…as a beginner I found this overview useful but when you got down to the picking…non of the things you describe verbally are shown… I want an extreme close up of terms like… counter rotation, clicking, binding, shear line.. these are still a mystery to me and I am still to see a lock picking demo that films what is going on inside the lock during picking… the wide shot of the transparent core is not good enough for my total lack of knowledge. I am a filmmaker not a lock picker. Can you help?

  4. i didnyt have dimle picks i was so fristrated., i have the same exact lock, im like i gotta be missing something ehre, can i get a good recommendation on a good set of picks, ther one i got are kinda cheap bending and getting chewed up?
    was thinking about something like the noight school package ort a full beginner set from sparrows, now i know what picks ill need, thanks lock noob

  5. I need some help anyone please… I’ve been on this for hours and can’t do it…. I’m totally new to lock picking, I can manage to set some pins but when I go to set the rest, the ones I have set reset themselves and I have to start again…. any tips?

  6. I got one of these locks as part of a practice set. After a while staring at it I picked one side using a GOSO half diamond. The other side I will need to grind down the shaft of the pick to make it lower profile as to reach the rear pins the early ones get over set. When picked the lock jams at 90% but just using the pick to push all the pins up and it can be rotated fully around. So no probs. Looks like a set of dimple lock picks may be needed but as I have just brought a couple of multipick packs it may have to wait.

  7. I hope you're seeing this and can give me an answer… I nearly destroyed my lock because of the following:

    At the end of the video on the other side of the lock, you can see a slit that's usually filled out with the key when you turn the lock regularly. Would you have turned it further with your tension wrench, the pins would had slid up tight into that slit and jam up the lock. How do I prevent that, assuming I aim to open up a door with picking this style of lock?

  8. Yes that was most helpful, good information, good instruction, good demonstration, how I missed this vid or dismissed it very early I simply no not know. I have my name on a dimple lock passaround set so i shall have to watch this vid again.

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