11 thoughts on “(170) Good starter lock to learn lock picking – Sterling 5 pin Euro cylinder lock picked”
  1. Just a curiosity question, What's happened to the "Pick my Corbin lock" Its been some time since we last had an update?
    I remember some guy not really having the time because of other commitments but did try a quick attempt to no avail.
    Was it passed on or has it been stuck in limbo all this time??

  2. Another super quick open, on that cool Sterling euro cylinder bro, and obviously the practice attempt, gave you a better feel for that one 😃👏 Very nicely picking as usual, appreciate you sharing this lock with us all and thanks for another great video as always 😀👍 Hope you have a wonderful safe rest of your week, and look forward to seeing you again soon – thanks! 😎👏👏👏

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