Our Training Director, Thomas Heavey, decided to add some excitement to a training exercise. So he put together the our first bracket style Lock Picking Championship. We may have been feeling a little inspiration from March Madness, but our team had a blast. The championship was over 2 weeks with qualifying the first week and the championship the second week.

We built special lock picking stations and had a championship belt for the winner!

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Main Camera: Nikon D5600
Second Shot: Nikon D7000
Random Action Stuff: GoPro Hero 3
Microphone: Rode VideoMic
Editing: Final Cut Pro
Drone Footage: DJI Mavick Pro
Music: SoundStripe.com
Surveillance Footage: Eagle Eye Networks
Surveillance Cameras: HikVision

Loc-Doc Security focuses on Electronic Security Integration with Camera Systems and Key Card Systems .
We work with products like Brivo Access Control, Eagle Eye Networks, Open Eye, HikVision, HID and others.
While Electronic Security is a focus, we have been a Door and Lock service company for over 35 years.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chadlingafelt
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/locdocinc


29 thoughts on “2019 Lock Picking Championship – Charlotte, NC”
  1. I'm guessing there is more to this than it appears. My knowledge of lock picking is limited but it seems like a lock picking competition would use locks that require more than just raking to open. I actually searched for locking picking competition to see what was out there and imagined I would find some high level lock picking with really challenging locks… What am I missing? It doesn't seem like all these guys would be so invested in the tournament if it was "easy*" to do pick everything.

    *easy – relatively speaking so not necessarily easy for someone like me.

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