The Banham Dimple lock is itself LEGENDARY among lock pickers. It’s unique pinning system has confused and frustrated lock pickers for years. In this video I cut one in half and show you how you can pick the Banham Dimple.


14 thoughts on “Banham Dimple – Cross Section Lock Picking”
  1. weve got these banhams everywhere in a building at work. the one on our office door ive been trying to rake, single pick, etc for weeks until it started to get stuck. one morning i came to work with everyone standing outside unable to turn the key.

  2. Well, what an intro, I had to shout out Nurse! the Leg end is out of bed again, and I think he's been on the bottle now he wants to take over the world, but then he gave us a great video 👍🔑

  3. Outstanding video MrLegend these locks really are the pinnacle of the art, my only gripe on these is when they get grotty as the pins will stay picked and you end up with a one or two pinner and also the swift application of the screwdriver tipped socket wrench (which happen to fit conveniently and brass being so soft ………..) mean destructive entry is a doddle, some of the stainless steel ones intended for safes are totally obscene though (and i think they are 10/20 pinners but i'll stand to be corrected) i'll put that again outstanding video thankyou so much urastar a LEGEND!

  4. Nice video mate! Now whack the sleeve on it and do it blind 😄 I have some videos explaining it from a while ago but this shows what’s going on 1st hand. Very nice.

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