Best lock picking hacks compilation ever. This is a few of the best ways to pick / open different types of locks, security devices and even broken key removal life hacks. You never know when this knowledge will come in handy. For more DIY and how to videos LIKE COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE

How to pick a lock with a paper clip


How to pick a padlock with a paper clip


How to crack a combination code


How to open euro cylinder lock


How to remove broken key from lock


How to remove clothes security tag device


How to open door with credit card


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17 thoughts on “Best lock picking hacks ever….”
  1. Won't spend time to pin open padlock but worth to learn how to open the lever door jamed latch and sliding door jam locked which are really handy. I don't need to bother locksmith anymore. Thanks Bill.

  2. I had an old box that my dad had placed his medals, and a handwritten will, in.
    He was in the Navy for 20 years.
    No key, not sure what happened to it, but I think the key was stolen. Some extended family members had always thought my dad had old rare coins or something very valuable in that box.
    I sure wish I'd have been able to watch your video before having to break that antique box open to get his medals (and his handwritten will) out.

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