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In this week’s Learn Quick, I attempt to learn to pick a lock with paper clips. Can this actually be done like it is in the movies?

Checkout LockPickingLawyer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9K6rby98W8JigLoZOh6FQ

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44 thoughts on “Can you actually pick a lock with PAPERCLIPS?”
  1. So for the technique you're describing, which is raking essentially. Your best bet is to make a wave rake. Simple, yet effective.. for most locks. You made a hook which is mostly for single pin picking which takes a lot of practice and finesse. Better for tougher locks, but much harder to master. You did very well considering.

  2. Im over the moon rn. Just managed to unpick the lock to my uni room after locking my keys in there, used two hair clips from a friend and couldn't believe it when it opened, never picked a lock before today but remembered this video from last year and it worked!

    I know youll never see this but I'm so relieved rn I just had to come back and pay my thanks.

  3. it was very helpful. Really I am proud of this trick as it saved me from a huge problem. I was not able to open the lock of my bird's cage as it's key was lost. And then I saw this video which really inspired me gave me courage. I got really afraid when I was nit able to find the key.

  4. As soon as the music kicked in around 1:10, my brain said "Hey guys, Spirit of the Law here…" (it's an Age of Empires channel, which always uses the same music)…. totally cool ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. A few years ago I came home from school to find I had lost my house key, it was freezing cold and if I hadnt gotten inside I would have had to go to a neighbors house, but I sat out there and picked the lock with some paperclips in my school bag and got in! this is a good skill to know if you get locked out and only have limited resources.

  6. I only have one question:
    Where the fuck do people find paperclips that big. Like for real, every single paper clip in my entire house is barely half as big as my thumb and in the part where you presented the paper clips they looked at least twice as large as mine

  7. Hello everyone, I Use paperclips as Lockpicks and they work somewhat good, i never had a REAL Lockpick or Lockpick kit in my life, but it's a good substitute in case you can't afford it or whatever other reason. I Learnt to lockpick today, with normal paperclips, and i opened my first lock 4 times without changing them (It wasn't a practice lock and wasn't transparent). So yeah, i recommend Paperclips to BEGIN and PRACTICE Lockpicking
    Edit: Spelling

  8. Using your teeth is utterly stupid behaviour and bad example….maybe locked in a room with access to the lock
    opening and in fear of life, broken teeth might be excusable…if it all actually works…here no excuse for that example.

  9. Me and two of my friends learned how to lockpick a simple padlock like the one at the end of your video in a single car ride. We just brute forced our way to finding out how to do it. Kind of scary how easy it is to get by some of the things that we rely on so heavily.

  10. there was this time where my parents lost the key to our house and I told them maybe I can pick the lock of the door 2 minutes later we were in also thank you Mike cause I learned it from you ๐Ÿ™‚

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