If you’re new to classic wow, whether you’ve played retail, or entirely new, this will teach you a few key basics of the Rogue Class as well as a few levelling tips n tricks. I will have a more in depth guide at a later date.

For a much more in depth guide check out wowhead:

For end game rogue (advanced guide) check out Oto’s Guide:


9 thoughts on “Classic Rogue Beginner Guide”
  1. Hey man, great video. I'm such a WoW noob and a lot of the Rogue guides just kinda assume you know what they're on about, but i'm a total beginner so found this really helpful.

  2. I feel like one of the main components that was missing from this video was detailing all the rogue abilities that it gets during leveling and how the rogue adapts when obtaining these. I guess you're planning to include that in a future video based on your description, but what was presented felt lacking. Also, there was I guess too much explained about general intro leveling and not enough class specific details; it's as if you didn't have the footage to discuss any rogue subject past level 10-20.

  3. Best guide yet. Not only do other guides skip over all the basics. They all make it seem like you HAVE to play the meta and only pick certain races and such. You seem to give options. You know that most of us arenā€™t gonna be that top %10 min maxing every single number and no lifting the game

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