Tom’s Key Company rents Toyota key and remote fob programming devices. www.TomsKey.com.
This is guaranteed to program keys and remotes for many Toyota vehicles or 100% money back!

Don’t pay expensive dealership or locksmith prices to get your transponder chip car key or your keyless entry remote fob programmed! If you find a lower price for key/remote programming at the dealer or locksmith, let me know. Visit help.TomsKey.com to send an email.

Additional vehicles are being added frequently. Currently works for all 2004-2018 Toyota Sienna vans with a traditional turn key start (not push button start). Also select years of 4Runner, Camry, Corolla, RAV 4, and Yaris vehicles!

Using Tom’s Car Key Programmer™ you can easily program car keys and remotes for select vehicles and save money over dealership prices.

Works with “H”, “G”, and “dot” chip transponder keys. Also works with many FCC ID models of keyless entry remote fobs.

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If you don’t find your vehicle on our website, we can still help. Contact us for assistance or if we don’t support your vehicle yet, check with our partner. We have arranged a special discount to have a top quality company help you. Visit this page: https://bit.ly/TomsKeyPartner



28 thoughts on “Easy Program Toyota Sienna Keyless Remote Fob (2004-2018)”
  1. You made this INCREDIBLY easy and saved us so much money. We bought a Sienna with one working fob and really wanted a second fob that opened the doors as well. My husband initially bought from another website, but we returned it when we found out how much an auto locksmith wanted to charge to program! The fob and programmer was a bargain from Tom’s Key. The whole thing took us five minutes after watching this video. Thank you for saving us time and money!

  2. Where you bought that machine… I am working at LA… previous time I didn't work for Car key ..Ah you are selling this machine. Is that only working for "Toyota" ? Or other car too ? … I working for locksmith over 20 years. But I never did Car key before <= chip> . Are they working for 2022 years car "remote control " too ?… what kinds of car is working ? Variety ??? How Much is it ?

  3. I bought an autozone one. But it wasn't specify for a 2005 sienna, but was for other toyotas, but my 05bl sienna doesn't actuate the door lock when follow the instructions. Will the van actuate its door lock the same even it a remote isn't near? Or would I need the correct one for the actuator to work.?

  4. This is the best option for replacing a lost remote. The dealer wanted $130 for a remote that wasn’t in stock and back ordered for months plus an additional $70 to program it. For the price of programming alone I had a working remote in just a couple of days. Thanks for the excellent service and even better prices Tom. Great experience and highly recommend it.

  5. Tom's Key Company is awesome! After watching both videos it only took about 15 minutes to program both the the key and remote successfully, and saved me a TON of money! Thank you!

  6. I got a used 2015 Tacoma that only had 1 key and 1 key fob. I purchased 2 more of each off amazon and ordered the programmer after the dealership said it was $450 for a key and key fob. It was even $150 if I brought my own key and key fob. I had to erase one of the keys before programming and erased my original FOB, but if you pay attention to the videos, I was able to reprogram all. Now have 3 working sets for around $80. Saved me $370!

  7. While this didn't work for me (didn't have a master key), my experience dealing with the company is worth mentioning. The communication was excellent. Delivery time was quick. The instructions were clear. The refund processing was quick as well. All in all a very smooth and customer friendly experience.

  8. I give 5-Stars to Toms Key, but not for getting some new FOBs programmed – Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me! The 5-Star rating is for their service! A few weeks ago I purchased 2 new FOBs and rented the programmer for my 2008 Toyota Highlander. (I recall when I bought the car new that even the dealer had issues with programming the FOBs using their computer). I had a few questions about programming the FOBs and William, from Toms Key, addressed my concerns. I made several attempts at programming and had a few back and forth e-mails with William. William reminded me on at least two occasions that they back up their products with a 100% refund guarantee. I finally conceded that this was not going to work for me. I packed up the FOBs and programmer and sent them back. A couple days later William sent me an e-mail saying that my refund was being processed. This is the kind of service that makes a company successful! Even though it didn’t work for me, I’d go back to them first for another car.

  9. It was a great experience. I got the keys and the programmer. I used this video and was able to configure 2 keys and remotes within 15 minutes. Very easy and without an issue! Thank you!

  10. Worked great – for my 2017 Sienna I could only test the FOB once the car was turned off but once I figured that out everything was good to go – what a great money saver and it was just fun to figure out

  11. The programmer and FOBs worked great! Only took a couple of minutes to program each one once I understood the process. Not only did they lock and unlock the doors but they also opened the powered side doors if you hold down the button a few seconds. I was even able to program two older FOBs which I had bought a long time ago and could not get to work so now we have 4 working FOBs for our 2016 Sienna. Thank you!

  12. It’s been a minute since I had working key fobs. This worked great. Just followed the simple instructions and was good to go in no time. I had previously purchased a remote off of eBay and was able to program that as well. This was a win/win. Highly recommended

  13. Tom and team, can't thank you enough for how much $$$ you saved us with this! So glad I came across your video on YouTube! It feels so GOOD getting to remotely lock/unlock our vehicle now 😀 I'll definitely be sure to share about your service to others I come across! Happy Holidays to you and your team!

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