The Celebrity Solutions Agency – F. Clinton and Partner Franklin Clinton’s celebrity problem-solving agency. The Contract is a content update for Grand Theft Auto Online, released on December 15, 2021.
Gang Termination is a security contract featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update. It is a Free Mode mission that can be conducted in any session type by CEOs, VIPs and MC Club presidents.
Lost MC Captains (Abandoned Motel) : Franklin advises that the Lost MC have been operating at the abandoned motel in Sandy Shores. The player is directed to the motel. Multiple members of the gang will be patrolling around and as soon as the player is spotted, they will turn hostile. Several waves of reinforcements on Gang Burritos and Daemons will also arrive. Players need to fight through the gang members to find and kill the four Captains, which will be marked by a red arrow on screen and by a red target icon Blips-GTAO-MovingTarget-Enemy.png on the Radar. Once the leaders are eliminated, the player needs to leave the area to complete the contract.
Fight your way through the Lost MC to find and eliminate their Captains to complete the contract.
Eliminate senior gang members as requested by the client.
Hey. So, you know whose monopoly you don’t wanna be fucking with? The biggest fuckin’ arm dealer in the state. So look, guess who they got doin’ a little off-the-books enforcement? Yeah, that’s right, you and me, baby. Look, I met the CEO at some charity gala last week. He told me the Lost MC’s been running guns out of some raggedy-ass motel up in Sandy Shores the last few weeks. Make sure you take out the motherfuckers they got guarding the guns… and our client wants to nip this shit in the bud. Shit, it’ll be a nice payout for us, too.
Security Contracts are a series of missions featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update. They are Free Mode jobs that can be conducted in any session type by CEOs, VIPs and MC Club presidents. After buying an Agency, Franklin Clinton introduces himself and advises that before getting an A-List client, the business has to start with smaller jobs. Access to the computer to manually select a contract can be done in any session type. The player must register as CEO, VIP or MC Club president and start their first job in a public session from the computer in their office in the Agency. After completing their first job, they can call Franklin from their phone in any session type to get a randomly assigned Security Contract. Three random contracts are provided and these refresh every time the player logs into the computer. Each contract can have a different level of difficulty and the payments are scaled accordingly. (Professional, Specialist and Specialist +)
Contractual Obligations Award : Complete n Security Contracts. (n = 5, 15, 25 and 50 contracts)

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2 thoughts on “GTA Online: Security Contracts – Gang Termination – Lost MC Captains at Abandoned Motel Sandy Shores”
  1. This mission always bodies my grind. I got to find a more efficient way than walking up to those 2nd floor rooms. Thinking maybe lobbing grenades up from a bulletproof vehicle 🤔

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