I’ve had this talk slow cooking for a while now, in the form of notes, photos, advice, and elements of much older presentations I gave in the past. When the Liberal Gun Club (an org whom I strongly recommend people check out, link below!) asked me to present for their Distance Learning Series, that was the inspiration I needed to put this all together into a proper educational lecture.

Even though the sound isn’t perfect (I had my Yeti but was in a very boom-y side room at my family’s house) and the capture is just a local webcam OBS source, I’m pretty happy with how this all turned out. Maybe there’s some useful advice in here that can help you!

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39 thoughts on “Gun Storage: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Gun Safes and Locks”
  1. I would really appreciate some suggestions for good gun cabinet brands. Iā€™m really just trying to keep my roommates or unskilled burglars from getting into my guns. A symplex entry mechanism, or the ability to attach a separate lock would be nice.

  2. the violent 'right'? —– you have to admit that most of the recent violence has been from the 'left' — if you cant, then oh well ………..

  3. I admire anyone who knows a lot about a multitude or a variety of different topics, such as yourself. I really enjoyed your NDE presentation to first responders

  4. Answer to the first question you had, I work an office job that requires basically zero though to do. I spend the whole day in an office alone, scanning medical records, shredding, all kinds of dirty work. Having something interesting to listen to makes this job WAY more bearable.

  5. A video doesn't have to be watched all in its entirety in one go right?

    This isn't a movie. But even if it was, it can still be watched peacemeal.

    It's like in elementary school when the teacher pops in a VHS tape šŸ“¼ for us to watch, if we run out of time, they would just stop the tape, and the next time we would just continue where we left. Usually the teacher wouldn't rewind the tape until after we finished it.

    Funny enough, we never had to worry about "where did we stop watching the movie" with video cassette, DVDs on the other hand, even though they were better in some ways, people would always have to search where they were last watching the program, or movie.

    So yeah, your younger viewers (unless they have a decent attention span) are fucked.

  6. ….Because I put on YT videos on as background noise at my workbench. So yes, the longer form videos are very much preferred.

    TLDR – cuz the algorithm lies.

  7. Love to see the book case and post office box at 1:05:02. Though the po box set was a card catalog at first.
    Yes, this is very helpful. Like Lock Picking Lawyer this is almost a PSA giving consumers a heads up on "did you think about this"
    I hope to catch you sometime for a Q&A
    Lastly Great " PEW PEW" patch. Kids need to know when another kid / adult is being stupid with a fire arm, liquor, car or gasoline. Education is critical.
    Started my son on a realistic plastic 1911 airsoft "We treat toys like the real thing so we never treat the real thing like a toy"

    Worst story was prom night – boy took his girlfriend up to his room to show her the gun he got for graduation and accidentally shot her in the face. Neither one ever got to prom.

  8. FYI as an amateur, I've NEVER been able to rake a lock open no matter what I tried. It's not NEARLY as easy as Deviant and LPL and the rest make it seem. They just have thousands upon thousands of hours of practice. So they know the exact movements to make, what they should be feeling, and where to start and stop the specific movement & motion with the pick/rake.

    Same goes for any other lock they defeat in seconds. These guys are MASTERS and your average dummy won't EVER pick a lock that fast.

  9. To greatly enhance my fire rating and to add obscurity I encased my safe in plywood and heavily painted it with and intumescent paint. I bought and put flammable material stickers on it as well since my safe is in the garage it just looks like a place to keep paint and petroleum products. I think the paint is going to add hours to my fire rating given the tests I did.

  10. What an excellent talk Dev. Thanks for putting it together and uploading it.
    1:12:28 – Excellent thoughts on responsible ownership and the safety of the owner.
    1:14:30 – Sorry to hear about your rough break up, but I've a lot of respect for your forethought and consideration for safety.
    Being from the UK we don't have as much access to guns, and I'm not experienced with mental health (other than sympathizing with your hard reset… we've all been there), but these seemingly way too simple ideas that make it slightly harder work.
    The UK coal gas changes and acetaminophen changes prove it.
    For those of you that don't know the UK used to use coal gas domestically for ovens, and it was a very quick and simple way to commit suicide, due to the carbon monoxide (CO) content of coal gas. People used to turn the oven on, then stick their head in the oven. CO rapidly causes drowsiness, confusion and loss of consciousness, and shortly thereafter is fatal. Changing to natural gas (which lacks the CO) or electricity rapidly reduced the number of suicides (by about 30%)
    Similarly limiting the sale of acetaminophen (paracetamol) to 16-32 tablets in the UK reduced the number of suicides and overdoses (which was a massive problem in the 90's and is not a nice way to go as it potentially takes days to die ). Sure you can just walk into multiple shops, but again that simple barrier and requiring slightly more effort reduced the number of suicides .
    Deviant's long form content is so good he could almost do a lecture on how to be a good human being from his life experience

  11. Great talk Deviant, I'll watch your longform content any day. Would love to hear you rank residential or commercial burglary alarms & discuss common vulnerabilities. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  12. haha my favourite thing about the topic of locks and security is how disc detainer locks are often considered on the higher end concerning security, even recommended by a lot of people and the specific tool that has recently been manufactured to non-destructively bypass disc detainer locks is almost a no-skill tool to successfully pick the lock xD

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