Flipper Zero is a portable multi-tool for pentesters and geeks in a toy-like body. It appeared on the market not long ago, but has already caught the eye of thousands of people. For some, this is a dangerous tool for identity theft.
And for others, it is a cool toy and a indicator to companies about the vulnerabilities of their systems. What kind of future awaits this new device?

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10 thoughts on “How it started VS how it's going | Flipper Zero -Tamagotchi Hacking Tool #shorts”
  1. I'm going to be very honest here, you guys basically ruined the channel for most original viewers

    You just got rid of the style which the previous hosts provided which felt much more personal and unique yet still proffesional even in a corporate safe setting, I assume this change was made to make more money but I highly suspect you guys are gonna make much by basically being yet another copypaste corporate channel

    The previous videos had real legitimately intruiging content coupled by the elequent two lovely hosts' styles, that's what kept this channel unique, Good content which has actually good information which people don't already know, now your formula is something which obviously works but now you have MUCH higher competition because now you're very replaceable and to me it seems you cannot get too far with this other than with luck and maybe some steady and very slow gradual growth which could've been made much faster by just keeping it to how it was, im sure you guys would've reached a million subscribers in 3-4 years

    I hope that this gets read by someone actually working somewhat high up in the company than probably a social media manager, but that's pretty unrealistic so one could only hope; sorry if this was on the harsher end, I tried to be somewhat constructive throughout this comment

  2. By this logic you need to ban pocket knifes, because someone can do harm with it. Just because it can do something nefarious, doesn't mean it should be banned. If it'll get somehow banned, then all other professional pentesting and DIY radio products should be banned too. SDR can do the same, as radio in flipper zero.

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