This video is for instructions on how to cut and program a key for a 2003 Honda Civic high security key with the Autel IM608 and key Cutting with Xhorse Condor Mini Plus 2.


6 thoughts on “How to make key for 2003 Honda Civic – Autel IM608 – Xhorse Condor Mini Plus 2”
  1. How is the machine holding up six months later? Seeing negative feedback from users on machine reliability. How many keys have you cut and how has reliability been?

  2. I want to add key service to my repair shop; not much ppl that provide the service out here. I was looking at the xhorse machines and that im608pro. Is that a good setup to cover most of my bases or would something else be better? Right off the bat I need a ram promaster key done so hopefully that's something I can cut and program with that combo. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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