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43 thoughts on “How to Solo Over Chord Changes”
  1. So power chords aren't major or minor but they insinuate major or minor or deminished depending on the other chords that are being used. Plus if your band uses all power chords they know no music theory so you better know something I hope that's right

  2. Thank you man! This one lesson has really brought the way I think about music closer together more than ever. Thank you for your hard work. Cool staff🐥

  3. I’m doing the tomo Fujita guitar music course, single best thing I’ve ever done for my playing it will help you grasp concepts like this that Tyler is talking about. Haven’t tried the course but considering he talks about it tomo I’m guessing it’s great.

  4. When choosing a chord progression to illustrate a concept, maybe don't choose so many! And that Bb is out of left field! With that said, great advice on the triads! Thank you.

  5. Sorry matey, I understand what you're saying about "triads" however, there are many many varied shapes making up triads even in one key. You dont show any way to approach using them, you show how skilled you are at using them, but to me anyway, this video was as clear as mud, with regards teaching how to use them.

  6. I waited too long to sign up to your "Guitar Super System" channel. I should have done much sooner. You are a fabulous teacher that captures the heart & soul of Sweet Melodic Music. Stay healthy so you can expand our minds.

  7. I am a subscriber and have watched several of your videos but I have to say that he Arpeggio sequence you do at the end is TRULY MIND BLOWING. I would love to know how you are playing that! It sounds to me like it is over an A7 chord. However in the lesson you are saying it over an EDim7 chord. Either way, it SOUNDS AMAZING! I've been playing over 30 years and am passionate about lead guitar. I just started my you tube channel "Clay Jarvis Guitar" and i'm trying to learn everything I can to improve my lead skills and have the most success with my teaching and success on YouTube. I'm definitely inspired by watching your videos and your skills. Thank you!

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