We’re back with another key cutting machine battle: The Flash vs, The Flash Mobile.
You guys have been asking and with the help of the Lockfather and Kip we hope to answer one of the most common questions we get: Does the Flash Mobile cut as well as the standard Flash machine?
Watch here to learn, the main differences and the pros and cons for different applications!

Let us know if you’ve tried one or both of these machines and what your thoughts are!
We loving hearing from you and your comments help the #Lockboss community.

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Locksmithing is what PJ knows, he grew up watching his dad locksmith. PJ started his locksmith training at age 6 by learning how to cut a key! PJ, President of CLK Supplies shows locksmith tips, does locksmith training videos as a sort of locksmith school, interviews locksmiths goes over locksmith equipment, key cutting machines, and more. If you are interested in locksmithing, want to know how to use locksmith tools, or would like to learn a few new locksmith tricks you are in the right place. Welcome!


37 thoughts on “Key Cutting Machine Battle Flash vs Flash Mobile”
  1. It was nice comparison #lockboss. I really like the idea of inviting one experienced with the machine and one without it. I have none of these but would love to have one in future. Since I am on vehicle all the time I live battery powered machine.

  2. Found that video really informative. Sound like they are both really good key cutters. But the versatility of the mobile offers beneficial options and versitality in that you can use it in the van and on the job. And as a back up if the the shop one malfunctions. But what if the Mobil malfunctions. Lithium batteries I believe don't work well with really cold temperature in vans. But another benefit with the mobile is that if also works with a plug. Thank you for this informative comparison, and I was hoping PJ acted like the lockfathers key did not open the cylinder.

  3. I have a mini speedex and use a Milwaukee tool power source to run it when I don’t have access to power. Comes in handy as I can run other tools with it like my Scotsman tubular key duplicator. I’ve made my own video using it so take a look. #lockboss

  4. During a local power outage at my shop the mobile version was fun to use and keep business running for three hours until power was restored. #LockBoss
    I just grabbed out of my van by the handle and used it right at my front counter.

  5. Great Video PJ and friends lol. Id like if you did more videos like that comparing tools and machines and what not. You really made it entertaining but also informative. Thanks for the awesome content, keep it up!!! #lockboss

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