This is me picking a EURO cylinder with a key inserted on the other side.


27 thoughts on “Lock picking EURO cylinder with key inserted.”
  1. @MAMMOONEEY You can tell that some on here have no idea what u are trying explain., comman problem that i have come across on numerous occasions on UPVC front door ( normally when they pop outside and door slams behind them) , If they have no letterbox this how to open it .Think most of the doubters on here are from the 3 day course of locksmithing.

  2. @slotenmaker well stick to making keys cause it works. Just cause you make a bloody key dont mean you no shit about picking a lock. ………as you just provedwith your comment .!!!!!!

  3. Those profile cylinders are difficult to work on and there are not many in use in California. If you put them back together incorrectly, the key will not pull back out in the locked position. Also, several of the ones I have repinned can't use the standard pinning system. Say for instance a Schlage key is cut to 56742, the corresponding pins would match the cuts in a regular Schlage lock. But in the profile cylinder, you would have to use these pins to make it work 45631. What's up with that?

  4. chill out mate… dont feed the trolls…

    I am amazed about that a locksmith would actualy put that on youtube… since picking a lock isnt exactly what everybody is supposed to be able to do…
    anyways great video

  5. I dont go through all the hassle to video this so ass wipes like you can tell me if it is fake or not……..i do it so that people have a better understanding of locksmith work and lock picking……………if you think it is bullshit, fuck off and grow up.

  6. Okay key maker, at what point in the video did i put my finger on the backside to move the system? And okay, you are a keymaker? are you a locksmith? Okay you can make keys, but do you know anything about a euro profile lock? the front cylinder cannot be moved by the back cylinder, enev if the key is inserted, so the front cylinder had to be picked, sorry, but it is true.

  7. I understan what you mean…..and it can be done when the lock is fitted in a door, all you have to do is apply quite a bit off pressure, that is why a homemade pick, is better than a commercially made one.

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