This is a Lock Picking Tutorial guide. This Judgment (Judge Eyes) walkthrough guide will show you how to pick a lock. You’ll need to pick the lock to destroy the heater unit in chapter 1.

A lawyer pulls off a miracle, only to have the verdict cost him everything. Now, as a string of murders casts a shroud over the city and the law begins to fail, justice cannot afford to be blind. The son of a murdered lawyer, Takayuki Yagami was raised on the streets of Kamurocho by a yakuza patriarch who paves the way for Yagami to follow in his real father’s footsteps. Taking a job at the Genda Law Office, Yagami accepts a high-profile case: Proving Shinpei Okubo, a man suspected of murder, innocent.

Against all odds, Yagami succeeds and is hailed as a hero, but his prolific career is short-lived. Only months later, Okubo brutally murders his girlfriend, stabbing her over ten times with a kitchen knife before setting their apartment on fire. Yagami becomes the lawyer who let a murderer walk – and everything he had worked for comes crashing down.

Three years later, Yagami has taken off his lawyer’s badge to run a small detective agency in the red-light district of Kamurocho, scraping by on odd jobs and evidence collection. But even a city as seedy as this is shaken by a string of serial murders, where the victims’ bodies are discovered with their eyes gouged out. Yagami is drawn into the case by his old law firm, where he discovers that in order to bring this killer to light, he must seek the truth that slipped from his grasp three years ago. But can a man haunted by his failures prevail over his own past?
Played on PlayStation 4 Slim.


6 thoughts on “Lock Picking Tutorial | Judgment (How to Pick Lock)”
  1. The lock picking I don’t mind at all. I played way to many Splinter Cell gamed and Oblivion to know that this lock picking is fine. The thumb turn bypass however. OOOOHHHHH I break my larynx every time I lose that highlight even know I’m in the god damn center!

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