A full review of the Magic Flight Launch Box portable vaporizer. This MFLB review includes features, how-to-use, a vape demo session and pros/cons.

The MFLB has been out for quite some time now and a lot of things have changed and/or progressed. I recommend checking out my always-updated list of the best portable and desktop vaporizers below for a more current look at what is available.



43 thoughts on “Magic Flight Launch Box Review & Tutorial (MFLB) – Vaporizer Wizard”
  1. Love your fast to the point reviews. I hate watching a 10 minute review and 7 of the minutes they are opening the damn box!
    Good job, trying to work up the nerve to make my own reviews. 😲

  2. Im not english native but I understand you perfectly. No need to slow down. I got my own mflb. Two downsides: charger is not the best; I would love it to work connected with ac. For the rest it is fantastic

  3. Several years ago I got a dragon that is exactly like this, the screen wore out after 9 months of daily use. How do I avoid damage to the screen? I was very careful and cleaned it regularly and didnt allow the material smoked to combust. I just got this today and looking forward to use. Great tutorial. A thousand thank you's.

  4. clean review, love it. I own a few vape pens myself and they don't really bring that much smoke out. I don't really know if they genuinely get me high, I use a filter and everything.

  5. Hey man, good review. I've been using a wooden vapour genie for a while now and have decided ifs time to up my game a notch (or 2). Great review, I think I will invest in one. Subscribed too.

  6. This is great. You reflected my honest thoughts. I personally think when you get a good ritual going, good technique for yourself, it is the most rewarding and direct vaporizer. Nothing compares to it anymore now that I've secured good technique. It's like I'm in a Twilight Zone where everything else isn't as fun anymore.

  7. It sounds like you do like this device so id like to point out that infamous means famous for something negative sorry not trying to be one of those guys.

  8. I've always wanted to find a vape that works with buds/flowers.  I wish you could conceal the battery a little better, maybe built in and the ability to press a button. 

  9. Going without the glass stem (aka native mode) works a treat if you can't be stuffed taking the stem along. The only problem with the MFLB is the learning curve, not for the owner though, after a few sessions you will quickly figure it out, the issue is when those new to the MFLB try to use it. Herbs will burn and tempers wills rise as you watch your idiot friends waste precious herb. Still a fucking amazing vape though. 

  10. Why do these vape guys always wear the shittiest looking sunglasses they could find? Looks like he walked into a 7-eleven and grabbed the first "sporty" looking pair he saw. 

  11. here's another pro – made of wood not plastic, so has more soul. and as for the "too many parts" issue – you don't need the draw pipe, so it's only the battery and box.

  12. The main reason I'm looking into purchasing a mflb (or any vaporizer) is to be as stealth as possible when smoking. Any word on how much of a cent this piece gives off when in use? Or any recommended pieces that give off the least smell of herb would be amazing, thanks man.

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