Dimple lock picks, we’ve all bought the odd one or two and been quite disappointed. Well this little beauty is going to make up for years of lock picking heartbreak.

Here’s the list of locks the Raf (The manufacturer) has opened with this pick ‘for starters’, he said…

Mul T lock Garrison
Avocet Pioneer Plus
Yale Smart 666p
Yale Smart 376p
Yale Smart 376e
Magnum 6&7 pins
Rav Bariach (RB) 7 pins dynamic
Yardeni 6 pins
Peled 6 pins
Nabob 7 pins
Gelem 6&7 pins
Lince Spain
Tover Spain

This pick has also opened a countless number of generic, brand-less dimple locks, of which there are many. If it fits, give it a go.

This pick is exclusive to Lock Pick World (USA) and UKBumpKeys (UK/EU)

For Lock Picking Tools and Advice, Lock Picking Legend recommends:

USA: LOCK PICK WORLD: https://www.lockpickworld.com/
UK/EU: UK BUMP KEYS: https://www.ukbumpkeys.com/


  1. NOTE: I got the tagline wrong, it is not 'If it fits the lock, it will pick the lock', for instance it won't pick pin in pin or magnetic pin dimple locks. So sorry about any possible confusion there.

  2. I've spent the last few weeks calling up every college English professor to inquire about this. While they could not all agree on the speed in which to say legendary, they did all agree that you are in fact, leeegendaaary.

  3. Aryton senna of lock picking? You're using a made to measure pick…how does that make you a legend? Give over. Do it yourself without an engineered tool.

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