Learn how to set your own combination for your suitcase. These instructions are applicable on the following collections: Neopulse, Lite-Shock, Lite-Cube DLX, Lite-Cube and B-Lite.


25 thoughts on “Samsonite Lock Instructions”
  1. I found you needed to really push that little button right in till it stayed in (use a fine thing to press with) before you could set the combination.  On sliding the black square bit across, the little button shoots back up and you're in business

  2. New suitcase. Followed the you tube instructions, to open case and reset pass number. Now I can't open it with either the factory setting of 000 or the pass number I entered. How can I start again?

  3. What if I have accidentally pressed my zips into the lock, tried to factory reset using a pen to press the button down but the button does not go down at all and I have a zip stuck in the lock now. What should I do?

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