You all said it was impossible to escape, so today I’m going to try and prove you wrong, viewers!

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46 thoughts on “Soft Lock Picking: Escaping the Magikarp Trap”
  1. This is the softlockpickinglawyer. Today we have a magicarp softlock from whomever the f$#k does this. Now let's try to open this lock.
    Little click out of one, two is binding, click out of three, four is binding. And there you go.

  2. So I'm late to the party. But the only thing I could maybe think to do is fight Ditto? Well for a Yellow version that is. Since Ditto would turn into your Carp you can waste your PP, and I remember reading that opponent Pokemon don't run out of PP so it'll constantly splash. There might be a slim chance of fainting a low level ditto with struggle? Maybe? Idk shot in the dark man.

  3. You can softlock using magikarp on pokemon pearl league, if you trash everything, pokemon, money and objects, give the daycare mn pokemon and you leave magikarp with you you can softlock, because you can't leave pokemon league and you can't battle pokemon league, there is only one way to escape, fight wild pokemon using old rod and struggle.

  4. I read in the wiki that for pokemon yellow there is a 10% chance of finding a level 12 ditto in cinnabar mansion, which would transform and of course use splash than just struggle to death. I’m not sure about the validity of all these factors, of whether ditto even is there to begin with let alone if it can spawn at level 12 but if the magikarp were to get lucky enough to kill the ditto it would have a chance to gain exp and thus leave the mansion through grit.

  5. 12:54 can’t you somehow get around the soft lock using the well-known glitch that the east coast shore of cinnabar island can be used to encounter just about any pokemon? Not an expert, just speculating.

  6. I know that I am many years late to the discussion but could it be viable for a level 30 grimer in the Cinnabar Island Mansion to use disable on the magikarp?

    Grimers learn disable as a base attack and, if used on the magikarp, it would allow the magikarp to use struggle temporarily.

    A level 30 grimer would also know pound and poison gas. Poison gas has 40 pp and disable has 20pp, both moves have 55% accuracy.

    So it is feasible, yet extremely unlikely, for a grimer battle to avoid using pound, as well as using poison gas for 40 turns, missing each time. The goal would be for a disable to land on the magikarp first turn and then once every 8 turns. This would allow the magikarp to struggle the grimer without taking any damage from the grimer

    Now the only question that remains: is it actually possible for a level 5 magikarp to KO a level 30 grimer using exclusively struggle before knocking itself out?

    A level 30 grimer would have most likely about 120 hp, the magikarp would have 18 hp at level 5

    I don’t know how much damage struggle would do to grimer, unless it always does 10 damage. If it always does 10, we would need 12 turns of struggle to KO the grimer.

    Struggle would deal 1/4 of 10 so 2-3 damage of recoil on the magikarp. After 9 turns the magikarp would KO itself at most, or 6 at least.

    If the magikarp only had a bit more health it may be able to survive the battle if the battle proceeds in an extremely unlikely way.

    With the above plan, literally the only thing preventing this from being feasible is the amount of health of the two pokemon (which I can only estimate) and the damage of struggle.

  7. I'm so ashamed. I found this video 4 years ago. And I watched this channel countless of times. And I never subscribed until now. I realized this when I rediscovered this video. Only to then like my previous comment obliviously about using a ditto to transform into Magikarp. Wow. What a failure

  8. 13:00 in Pokemon Yellow has a method to escape. Just find a Ditto in Pokemon Masion, let they transform and use splash until your pp is 0. Just work in yellow because is the only Gen 1 game that Ditto appears in Poke Mansion

  9. Did someone pointed out that in Yellow you can find Ditto in the mansion? If it transforms to Magikarp, wouldn't it be possible to struggle through? If you mentioned that in Yellow you cannot find Koffing there, than I think considering Yellow in the third soft lock isn't a cheat.

  10. some people said that you could just not use magikarp, but another weak pokemon which evolutionary life can't learn surf/fly/teleport, etc. well, yeah, that could work, except that in gen 1 you can do stuff like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjm8P8utT5g

    i'm not sure how it works, but it seems possible that you could do save corruption and mess with the game data on the pokemon center pc, and then teleport yourself to another place. there's some glitch item which does that

  11. Soloing the elite 4 that way is the metaphorical equivalent of a hot girl being thrown into a room full of rapists and not only escaping the
    room but only doing so after strapon fucking every single one of them.


  12. 3:26 That's actually incorrect. In Gen 1, Struggle's recoil is based off the damage you deal (1/2 in Gen 1), not off your max health like Gen 4 onward. The max HP a Magikarp could have at level 5 (without stat EXP, obviously, as you couldn't possibly gain a meaningful amount of it) is 18, meaning you safely KO anything from full HP that has less than 36 max HP. Even the strongest Kakuna or Metapod you find can't have more than 23 HP, meaning you could safely knock them out with Struggle from full HP.

  13. Wow I have a heck lot of respect for you that you grinded that magikarp a frick magikarp 2 times untill it eveolved and also magikarp has a slow category level up and also you grinded the gayradose to lvl 100 and you were just so cool when you said that why I am going to escape I am just going to beat the legue and also how Seriously can't anyone said in the comments that you can run away from the Pokemon in viridean forst while grinding your magikarp like it's just soo obius

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