Are you willing to restart your game, if it means you’ll lose a shiny Poliwhirl?

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42 thoughts on “Soft Lock Picking: Shiny Poliwhirl Cannot Escape”
  1. What if you were to encounter a wild Pokémon with an exact multiple of 16 hp? Then after 16 turns of hail, it will be knocked out while Poliwhirl still has 1 hp, so we can get more experience. To do this, we need a wild Pokémon that can have an exact multiple of 16 hp, and not hit any damaging moves for 16 turns, but if such a Pokémon exists in the wild in this area, then that can slowly get the experience required to learn a move and escape.

  2. Wait, what if a Pokémon has a multiple of 16 HP? Wouldn't it faint after 16 turns of hail? If so, just use Hail every turn and hope that the wild Pokémon doesn't deal any damage for 16 consecutive turns, and it'll go down right before Poliwhirl has to use Struggle. You could get past level 44 that way, but it only helps if Poliwhirl can learn a move before it reaches a level where its own HP is divisible by 16

  3. Why does Poliwhirl obey the trainer? It would have to be traded since I don't think it is accessible at this point and then it should obey only until level 30. Unless you trade an egg I suppose?

  4. Ok so
    You can clearly get to a point where you can use struggle, could you, hypothetically, just run as soon as you've exhausted the last of the pp and go fight Blue? No level up required?

  5. I don't know if I was softlocked back in in 2002 when I picked up Pokemon Red Version, but I remember saving right before trying to catch Articuno in that cave. I caught it, but for whatever reason, the boulders that I moved by a pool of water blocked me from coming back out the cave. I had no pokemon that knew dig and no escape rope. I was basically stuck and had to just start a new game. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

  6. Theory: What if if you used hail (On a wild Pokemon) on the first turn kept using it so it would fail then use substitute then hope hail turns was enough to faint the wild pokemon repeat this to lvl 51 were you'll get hydro pump.

    A lot things i think that would ruin this strategy would be most likely hail damaging poliwhirl too much or just leveling the poliwhirl to lvl 52.

    Maybe maybe not this strategy would work idk

  7. I did some research, and if this Poliwhirl was level 44 and had an HP IV of 5 and zero EVs in HP, you could escape. How, you may ask?

    Well at level 44, this Poliwhirl would have 113 HP. Hail will deal 7.0625 damage, which will be rounded down to 7. And from this level until 51, Hail will only deal 7 damage since it is rounded. At level 51, it will start to deal 8 damage, but at that level, Poliwhirl learns Hydro Pump, which could be used to defeat your rival's Pokemon. After getting the prize money, you could catch something in the grass on Route 4, then trade the Poliwhirl to another game

  8. So what happens if you time things just right. Lets say you manage to use up all your PP on wild pokemon until you can struggle, at level 43 you should one shot all of Blues pokemon, thus giving you enough money for pokeballs.

  9. Out of boredom i decided to go back and watch pikaspreys videos, and i realized theres a pretty easy solution here. All 4 of the wild pokemon can have an hp stat of 32, meaning they will take exactly 2 damage each turn with poliwhirl surviving on an amount of hp not divisible by 16. As long as a wild pokemon with 32 hp clicks a non-attacking move (they all have at least one, and spearow has two) 16 times in a row, it will die to hail, poliwhirl will survive, and gain xp until it can reach level 51 and learn hydro pump. In order for a poliwhirl to have 111 hp at level 43, it needs an hp iv of 5, 6, or 7, but 6 wont work, as it'll have 128 hp at level 5 and die to its own hail along with any 32 hp wild pokemon, so it needs to have an hp iv of 5 or 7. Because of the low xp yield of wild pokemon, this could be several thousand wild pokemon with a specific hp stat using a specific move 16 consecutive times, with spearow having a 33% chance of being level 12, a 25% chance of having an hp iv between 4 and 11, which gives it 32 hp, and a 66% chance of using a non attacking move each turn. 16 times in a row is about .15%, specifically for spearow, as the other 3 have much worse odds. All of this, of course, being repeated THOUSANDS of times in order for poliwhirl to reach level 51, but if 20 consecutive gen 1 misses or 160 full paras in 200 turns is possible, then so is this.

  10. As I rewatch this currently, I only just now realize that the Jynx you receive from the trade has the Oblivious ability, which is described as "Prevents attraction."
    How poetic, your reward also reminds you to get on with yourself despite the sinister and tragic nature of the narrative behind this soft lock.

  11. Before watching, I thought Poliwhirl was shiny to lengthen the time of the battle a bit more. But giving it away for a JINX?! MAN, that's cruel 😢

  12. The reason it rounds down to 6 instead of rounding up to 7 is due to how computers count. It's takes less processing to just throw away the decimals and keep the 6 that's already there than it is to calculate the next number.

  13. Step 1: run into a wild Pokémon with an HP stat that's an exact multiple of 16.
    Step 2: spam hail for 16 turns straight and hope the wild Pokémon doesn't hit you with an attack
    Step 3: the wild Pokémon faints, and you're left with 1 HP. You gain experience.
    Step 4: repeat until you reach the next level

    Soft lock broken (though incredibly unlikely)

  14. even better since its shiny once they grind to level it up once and find out it doesnt work. every one of those battles they had to watch the shiny animations extending the time ever so slightly each time just to find out its still a fail.

  15. Poliwhirl was my first ever shiny. On the patch of grass just outside silver cave in crystal. Used the last pokeball in my bag to catch it

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