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  1. How much do you charge for something like this? I live in germany and they literally wanted 70€ just for my gas tank cap because it wouldn’t lock or unlock anymore.

    Edit: it’s just a mechanism nothing electronic.

  2. I have f20 live in uk cant fix my key when i get the car its tell me key remote is not ejected i have to put key to rejected tgan its start? Plz help me i wish u live in uk i would travel where ever u r

  3. How does one get into this business? Just asking in general and it may help anyone else whose interested. Seems fun and it looks like it pays well.

  4. Why people break bmw key open surprises me… Read owners manual or call dealership before working on your vehicle if you aren't experienced.. or you'll call ya local locksmith to fix your boo-boos 😂

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