As an information security researcher beginning my private pilot’s license training, I was startled to see the common security fails in many resources available for pilots, including official training/FAA sites, and more. I’ll cover a couple of the most common plane/instructional booking sites’ major security issues, and what to expect from having your personal information exposed online as will be at least partially required if you too decide to learn to fly a plane. I’ll cover Bluetooth and radio interference in avionics, Garmin instrument panels requesting keyboard input, and some simple checks to keep yourself aware of potential security issues in flight. I am not disclosing any 0-day or anything that isn’t already available online; this talk is intended to summarize the worst offenders and low-hanging fruit. I’d like to keep my FAA license; thank you very much.


6 thoughts on “Tarah Wheeler – Common Online Security Fails In Pilot Training – DEF CON 27 Aviation Village”
  1. Fun fact, a download for the entire database including names and addresses for every single pilot who hasn't opted out is freely available on that same website.

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