This week I thought I’d try my hand at lock picking once again . This time however, instead of a key lock, I learn to crack a combination lock.

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25 thoughts on “This Week I Learned to Crack a Combination Lock”
  1. Click bait. The title said he was going to crack a combination lock. He then proceeds to mess with a so called "Master Lock". This means no actual locks were used in this episode.

  2. I had someone chain their bike up at my work for weeks because they forgot their code. I used the video to tell them their code so they could finally take their damn bike home.

  3. This is a nice hobby to practice when you’re a 25+ year old man. It gives such good satisfaction to open a random lock. Never have i stealed a thing but it’s like puzzle game for real men.

  4. I managed to do this intuitively and it really scared me at how easy it was, if you know how locks work it’s really easy haha, lockpicking I have no clue but these combination locks oml

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